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AQHA - The Finest Star

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A very special THANK YOU to the following who have placed their trust in us...

Enchanted Forest Ranch - Enchanted Forest Peppys Stargaze

Stonewall Farm - Top Cats Katarina of Stonewall, Summer Glory of Stonewall

Connie Demers - SRF Sweet Fantasy, SRF Hallmark

Whispering Pines Farm - SRF Regal Heir, Crystal Ridge Miss Flirtatious, SRF Midnight Special, WPF Majestic Zephyr, LR Scouts O So Impressive

Aloha Acres - Crystal Ridge Carousel Charisma

Grosshill Farm - Grosshills EK Creations I Do, Grosshill Egyptian Kings Melody

Lightening Ridge Miniatures - LR Seminoles Center of Attention, LR Seminoles Ace of Hearts

Heather Catarius - LR Just Call Me Seminole

Angel Catarius - LR Seminoles Diamond in The Rough, T and T Heza Star Tracker

Stacey Gallagher - LR Scouts Perfect Vision, unnamed Ramblin Starbuck colt

Mary Horner - LR Seminoles Own Celebrity

Nancy Massi - LR Scouts Super Star, SRF Corsage, SRF Radiance


Willow Creek Farm - Lucky Four Sundancer

Joanne Neesen - LR Seminoles Center of Attention

Sara McCarthy - Hunters Mountain Ranger

Andrea Patterson - SRF Black Diamond

The Evening Star - LR Scouts Next in Line

Meghan Stevens - Hills Smooth Operator After Dark

Ann Schilling - YR Seminoles Bay Breeze

Candyland Miniatures - LR Scouts Wild Thing, SRF Regalaire

Karen Rudolph - Stars Shiraz