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AQHA - The Finest Star

AQHA - Berry Pretty Kid

AQHA - Watch Sissys King

AMHA/AMHR Miniature Horses

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AMHya Reserve World Champion
Stars Shiraz

Multiple AMHA National Champion
LR Scouts Next in Line

Multiple AMHA World Champion
LR Scouts Power Storm

LR Seminoles Diamond In The Rough

Multiple AMHA National Champion
Crystal Ridge Carousel Charisma

AMHA Eastern Regional Top 10
Crystal Ridge Stardust Melody

Crystal Ridge Absolutely Awesome

Multiple AMHA National Top Ten
Crystal Ridge EK Image of Fame

AMHR National Grand Champion
YR Seminoles Bay Breeze

T and T Heza Star Tracker

Multiple AMHA World Champion
LR Scouts Superstar

SRF Regalaire

Lucky Fours Sundancer